Practice Areas

Consumer Protection
Protecting our clients against businesses who use unfair, deceptive, or misleading business practices.

There are thousands of different products sold every day and thousands of different services offered to the general public. However, not every individual or corporation selling a product or service does so in an open, honest, or transparent way. Oftentimes, sellers of products or services are deceptive, employ unfair practices, or simply lie to their customers. However, there are a number of federal and state laws designed to protect the everyday consumer from the deception and dishonesty inherent in the marketplace.

At CB Law, we use these laws to protect our clients who have been subjected to unfair or deceptive business practices by the unscrupulous. We believe that this aspect of our practice contributes greatly to a safer, more honest and open marketplace where individuals and corporations deal with consumers knowing that our attorneys, and the law, will hold them responsible for their actions.