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Business Litigation
Has your company been sued and you're looking for an aggressive lawyer to defend you? Need to sue a business? Call us.

It is inevitable that a business will face legal issues, including litigation. The law reaches every area of life, and on that businesses are the rule rather than the exception. At CB Law we represent businesses in litigation they may face, whether it is a contract dispute with vendors, suppliers or customers; insurance-related dispute; or partnership/business structure disputes, among other things.

In addition, CB Law will also guide businesses through legal issues before litigation arises, working to obtain a favorable resolution of our clients' disputes. In doing so, our attorneys recognize that they should not only possess the legal skills to represent a business in court or before an administrative agency, but that they are first and foremost counselors. To that extent, CB Law realizes that one of the most powerful and effective tools can be negotiation, mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution. Informing our clients of the potential risks associated with litigation before initiating a lawsuit is a must, and avoiding litigation may be the best alternative. Here at CB Law, we make it our promise to always act in your best interests.