Our Firm

CB Law is a general practice law firm based in Columbus, OH and stands out, in part, due to the diverse clientele it has. From celebrities, to MMA fighters, to rock stars, to state senators, to airline pilots and CEOs, there are always interesting legal issues that the firm is handling.  Apart from CB Law's top-notch legal services, the firm's attorneys take pride in their extreme responsiveness.  Responding to emails or returning phone calls within a matter of minutes or hours is the rule not the exception. Most attorneys are also available around the clock, so you will never go long without a prompt response. That is our promise to you.  With our attorneys having diverse backgrounds and experiences at both large and small law firms, CB Law is able to tackle almost any task, while at the same time offering reasonable rates and flexible payment options. Responsiveness, client service, and commitment to excellence are principles we live by, so call us today to see if we're the right fit for you.

CB Law currently serves as general counsel for several businesses and also services numerous clients in the areas of entertainment law, personal injury, labor & employment, criminal defense, consumer protection, intellectual property, civil rights, and business litigation both in and outside of Ohio. Call (513) 313-3806 or email us at info@cambaclaw.com for a free consultation.